**Laparoscopic lens before and after a clearscope wipe. For videos click below.

*Warning, surgical videos will be shown*


5mm design, compatible with 0° & 30° standard 5 mm and 5.5 mm laparoscopes.

Clear Visual and tactile Assistance

Dynamic spacer to ensure optimal wiper-lens contact

Why Clean the Laparoscope In-Situ?

Nearly 1 in 5 surgical injuries are linked to poor visualization. [2]

44% of laparoscopic operating time is spent with sub-optimal or obscured view. [1]

6 debris events regularly occur every hour during surgery. [1]

Your visual field shouldn’t be compromised

Why drive in a storm without a windshield wiper?

Let the ClearCam System keep your visual field clear, so you can keep operating!

Don’t just listen to us. Hear it from your fellow surgeons…

“Momentum is so important. You can’t stop surgery every time something gets on the lens”

Dr Rachel Medbery, Thoracic Surgeon at Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons Texas

“If you’re going to do surgery, you have to see. ClearScope makes that easier.”

Dr. Timothy Chad McCormick, Gynecology & Oncology at Baylor Scott & White, Temple

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1. Yong, N. et al., D. (2016). Impact of Laparoscopic Lens Contamination in Operating Theaters: A Study on the Frequency and Duration of Lens Contamination and Commonly Utilized Techniques to Maintain Clear Vision. Surgical laparoscopy, endoscopy & percutaneous techniques, 26(4), 286–289.
2. Bonrath EM, Gordon LE, Grantcharov TP. Characterising 'near miss' events in complex laparoscopic surgery through video analysis. BMJ Qual Saf. 2015;24(8):516-521.